Stress & Anxiety Counselling

Undo the patterns that are causing your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety Counselling with Liz Coleman, Surrey Counsellor

Are Stress and Anxiety running your life?

An endless list of things that need to be done can feel like you’re never doing enough. You may be busy taking care of everything and everyone else but not getting anywhere! Whether you’re left feeling.. Overwhelmed! Frustrated! Exhausted or Stuck, know you are not alone!

Our society has become one of doing, doing, and doing. The message is clear: to be a better person, you must be doing more, learning more, buying more, and being more. It is easy to lose yourself to stress and Anxiety.

Eventually, though, this has an impact on your self-esteem, your relationships, physical health, and your quality of life.

Stress and Anxiety often show up as:

  • Anger, Frustration, and Overwhelm
  • Panic and Anxiety attacks
  • Feeling alone and Unsupported.
  • Low energy and mild depression
  • Withdrawn and Passive
  • Frequent sickness
  • Distancing from friends and family
  • Needing approval from others
  • No hobbies or creative outlets
  • Directionless
  • Unfulfilled
  • Low Self Esteem and insecure
  • Substance abuse

Stress and Anxiety are directly related to the goals and expectations you have of yourself.

Through healthy or unhealthy ways, you were taught what to expect of yourself early in life, but these were other’s goals and, often, not ones that are helping you thrive anymore. Why is that important?… because where you are today is the product of goals and expectations you made for yourself in the past. Thankfully that means the goals and decisions you set today can create a different experience!!

Learn the tools and exercises that will give you the peace and happiness that’s available to you.

Stress and Anxiety Counselling & The Spaces Between

I will work with you to get clarity on where you’re at in life and find the changes and steps that point you in the direction you want to go. I guarantee that when you and others start to see the results that even the smallest of steps can produce, you will begin to feel excited with a new sense of confidence. You’ll be inspired by your progress and realize that a new outcome is possible.

Do this for yourself as well as for the people you love and pass on your renewed, healthy style.

Take back the reins and live an intentional life!

Contact me now for a Free Consultation and start today!

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