Anger and Communication Counselling


Is your anger or silence pushing people away? Are you afraid of losing those closest to you?

Whether you are a boss speaking to your employees, a parent to your child, partner to partner or friend to friend, the dynamics of communication are either working or not. Good or bad, your ability to communicate effectively touches all areas of your life. And unexpressed communication can leave you feeling depressed.

Do your Interactions with Others seem Difficult?

Unhealthy communication can leave you:

  • Feeling like no one really knows or understands you
  • Distant or cut-off with family members
  • Passive or withdrawn
  • Experiencing out-of-control emotions or rebellious behaviour
  • Experiencing conflict and unhealthy anger
  • Needing approval from others
  • Blaming or gossiping
  • Seeing others as lesser than yourself or better than yourself
  • Experiencing indecision, frustration & resentment
  • Depressed
  • Lacking close friendships or intimate relationships

Do you see these experiences in your life or in the life of someone you know?

Connection to Self = Connection to Others

If you are not feeling connected to yourself, how could others feel connected to you?

Until you experience the results of how changing your mind will change your life, it will seem impossible.

All the values you have learned through your family and culture interpret how you experience events and information. Unbelievably, 70% of all communication is non-verbal. Beyond what your words are saying, much of what you are thinking is being communicated, often without you being aware.

Thankfully, as you become more aware of what your values are, you can make intentional changes and, not only does your inner world improve but your outer world and how others relate to you will change too.

I can show you very practical tools to build this awareness of how you are communicating and relating to others.

Is it Time for Healthy Communication Dynamics?

Once you learn how to shift your focus to yourself and rely on your own inner guidance, other people disagreeing with you will no longer bother you and you will be able to make clear, calm decisions.

Your peace of mind and confidence will help ground you and provide a stable, safe and satisfying feeling in your life while the people around you will experience a sense of freedom to be themselves.

If not just for yourself, give the gift of clearer, heartfelt, and more functional communication to those around you. What an amazing tool to teach your children!

Contact me now for a free consultation and find out more about the dynamics of healthy communication!

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