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Reconnect with Your Partner- A Relationship Exercise


15 minutes?..Yes that’s all you’ll need to reconnect with your partner again.

And what happens when you feel connected in your relationship? Your anxiety and stress goes down, you sleep better, communicate better and feel happy. What’s there to lose?

This relationship exercise is simple but, like anything that requires open expression, it’s uncomfortable at first. Not to worry, you’ll soon reap the rewards and feel more relaxed. If better communication and connection is what you want with your partner then it will be worth it to practice getting comfortable with that discomfort.

This is a great connection and communication exercise to use on its own as well as between counselling sessions, it speeds up progress.

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The time spent with your partner is sacred, but in conflict we can forget that.

Holding and keeping someone’s trust requires attention and when you do you’ll find someone to lean on who has your back. But more importantly you practice opening your heart as well as your ears to allow love in.

Good luck and have fun.

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