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Real Connection in Communication – 5 steps

Connection in communicationBeing real in your communication invites connection. That often requires some vulnerability and that’s not something we feel comfortable doing with just anyone. It is important to make connections through communication. In this post we will give you resources for how to make connections and communicate more efficiently.

Human connection is vital to feeling free and alive. Yet, for most people, we’ve been taught a more righteous form of communication that has you needing to prove your point to be right.

Communication is about exchanging views for the benefit of all parts, people that feels heard is willing to hear, and in that exchange you find real connection.

Instead, we should intend to participate in Connective Communication. Connective Communication is the intention to be happy instead of right: not always an easy thing to do, but it is an important thing to do.

Connective Communication is important at every level of your life, in your relationships, at work… in every place and situation that requires true interaction with another human being.

As so many other important things it begins with emotional awareness, with the willingness to contain and examine our feelings and with the goal of communicating honestly.

For steps to attempt to communicate better, here is an article that can help you practice the art of Connective Communication with someone you feel safe with:

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