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Does Floating really Help with Anxiety?

Floatation Therapy is time spent in a tank of super-saturated Epsom salt water with minimal sensory input for 90 minutes or more.
This floating meditation provides a space of limited to no light, sound, tactile, gravity, temperature variations. This minimal or lack of sensory experience gives the nervous system and the body a break from alertness.
I call it a Meeting with the Boss… Me. There’s no one and nothing else to distract me except my thoughts. Once my muscles stop twitching and are completely relaxed all I’m left with are my thoughts.
What would that experience be like for you?…. Those 90 minutes will show you the state of your mental health. Depending on the person and their state of mind it can seem like hell or heaven.
I’ll often go through at least one small panic attack per session. I look at this as a blessing because I know I’m safe I get a chance to practice regulating that panic and calm my thoughts and reactions. This experience has future benefits by giving my subconscious and body an actual experience of calming down from anxiety making future experiences outside of the tank easier and automatic.

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