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Choice Moments – Building Trust with a simple decision

Our lives are full of meaningful moments of choice

Moments that you get to decide which direction you want your life to move to. You can choose the easy way or a more challenging route. Those times when you can turn towards someone and create a better connection and trust or turn away and stay safe.

You know those times that you’re tempted to text ‘I’m sorry’ because it’s easier instead of calling the person or facing them instead.

A simple moment but a powerful statement of who you want to be.

Choice Moments Make a Difference

In your relationships or with a friend or family member, there are many times they’ll make a request or statement. If that person is important to you, it can make a big difference whether you turn towards them or turn away.

Building Trust for a strong, successful Relationship

Dr. John Gottman has done decades of research on building trust in relationships and how turning towards a ‘bid’ for connection builds a strong, successful relationship.

In the video below, Duane O’Kane of Clearmind International a teacher, and speaker, explains with passion (and movie clips for examples) how to BE your best rather than just Do your best. Leading to a less anxious and more peaceful way of living with better relationships.

Being at your best from Clearmind International.

Your life is a series of choices.  Make good choices. Learn how to be the best version of you.  If you are struggling to make good choices – whether anger, anxiety, pain or something else is getting in your way, talk to someone.  Contact Liz at The Spaces Between Counselling for some great advice.

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