Teen Counselling


Being a teenager is a difficult time of transition; you could say it is in the space between. You are not a child anymore and yet you are still learning what you need in order to be an adult.

Do you compare yourself to others, believing they have it all together and wondering “what’s wrong with me”?

It is not uncommon to feel misunderstood, confused or pressured to do things you do not want to in order to feel accepted by your peers.

Family Pressure + Peer Pressure = Acting Out + Experimenting

It is your job as a teen to find your own independence from your family but it does not have to be a struggle. Growing independence and trying to fit in with your friends may have you doing things that are reckless and out of control. Even though it is natural to experiment with drugs and alcohol it can be easy to lose yourself in these things, even as adults.

Are you experiencing:

  • Boyfriend or girlfriend problems?
  • Being bullied?
  • Feeling isolated?
  • Learning challenges?
  • Difficulty making friends?
  • Mood swings?

Have things even become so challenging that you have actually considered suicide as a solution?

The Issues in Front of You

It may help to understand the issues you are facing. What you are learning right now as a teen can dictate what you do for the rest of your life and let me tell you, I wish someone had taught me back then some of the important tools that I now have – life would have been so much easier!

Whether you are fifteen or fifty, life is about making decisions about directions in your life. It is equivalent to winning the lottery to have these tools early on, to help you be clear on who you are now and who you want to be in the future.

You deserve the truth and this is an exciting opportunity for you to see the true power that is yours and to discover what it is like to be understood, accepted, and respected for your decisions.

Being a teen is an important time of discovery – start now to meet your challenges with a newfound confidence in your ability to overcome them.

Have your folks Contact me for more information. Once that business is out of the way, you and I will book a free 30-minute phone consultation to make sure you feel comfortable with me and to discuss the next steps. I look forward to working with you!

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