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Couples Therapy and Anger Management

Improve your experience of life.

What have you done in the past with hopes of creating the happiness you want?

  • New wardrobe or car?
  • New job?
  • New relationship?
  • New home or even new country?

These are changes, yet they are changes that can leave you with the same challenges again and again.

Life has natural ups and downs and your perception of these transitions and how you relate to them can greatly improve your quality of life.

With The Spaces Between Counselling You will experience:

  • Increased self-esteem and energy
  • Healthier and more satisfying relationships
  • A sense of purpose and direction
  • A sense of belonging and connection
  • Newfound inspiration and joy

Cross the Spaces Between to a New Way of Seeing & Experiencing the World

In those uncertain times in our lives when we stand in the space between the “old ways” which may no longer work and the “new” which is not yet clear. Counselling helps for relationships, jobs, or those “bigger” issues like belief systems or the purpose and meaning of our lives.

 The Power of Perception…

The greatest area of growth my clients experience from our work together is the discovery that their problems are not what they thought they were. Struggle is a place of transition and can be your power spot. You are on the “threshold” of creating and learning something new in your life. Although this can be difficult, anxiety and struggle act as a motivator to create change. That is its job. You are at a place where all the possibilities and richness of life are yours to be found. What will you choose to do?

Create Healthy Transitions with The Spaces Between Counselling

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with a general practice dedicated to working with people to help create change that positively impacts their life.

Additionally, I am passionate about helping people around these areas of specialty:

  • Couples Therapy & Relationship Counselling – creating a team for love
  • Anger Management and Communication Counselling – relating well in all areas of life
  • Self-Esteem Counselling – choose to be happy
  • Teen Counselling – discover the truth
  • Health and Wellness Counselling – purposeful living

Your struggles can be the tool to transform your life. Take this opportunity to become clear about what derails your efforts and what gets you back on track to living your life purpose.

Is today the day you choose to do something different?

Call 604-809-8947 to find out more about The Spaces Between Counselling and your free consultation!

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